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Alexi Morrison

Mansion Homes Content Director

First pubish date: December 17, 2015
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Tips for selling a luxury home

When it comes to selling luxury property, first impressions are extremely important. Properly stage the home before letting potential buyers in the front door.

No matter where you’re selling a luxury home, the details are what you should be focusing on. Buyers of luxury real estate have, understandably, extremely high expectations. Your goal should be to shine a light on the home’s strengths without drawing attention to its weaknesses. Aside from making sure that the home is neat and spotless, consider these suggestions for staging a luxury property.

Add Crowd-Pleasing Furnishings

An over-styled home may be appealing to a select group of buyers, but it’s going to turn off the masses. Everyone has their own unique taste. Furnishings should be neutral, streamlined and kid-friendly without looking childish. The furniture should be organized in a way that maximizes space and that shows the flow from room to room.

Freshen Up

When you spend a lot of time staging a home, you can get used to the way it smells. People who are entering for the first time, though, will immediately notice tobacco, cooking smells or pet odors. To get any unsavory or overwhelming odors out of the home, hire someone to do a deep cleaning on the carpets. Give the walls a fresh coat of paint and open up the windows to air everything out. When buyers visit, put a few vases or aromatic vases around and light fresh-smelling candles in each room.

Illuminate the Home

The lighter a home is, the bigger it will feel. Even if the luxury home starts out big, you can never make it look too spacious. Pull back the window curtains and swap out the lightbulbs for a higher wattage. If one room is particular dark, add a mirror opposite the source of light. The mirror will reflect the light and brighten the area. Every room should be as bright as spacious-looking as possible.

Get Rid of Clutter

The less cluttered a home is, the larger it will look. Plus, when there are a lot of personal items or knick knacks around, it can be difficult for potential buyers to picture the home as their own. The lines of the home should be clean and easy to see. You don’t want everything to be bare, but you want it just decorated enough to be inviting but not so decorated that interested buyers feel like they’re intruding in someone else’s house.

Opt for Mild Colors

Even if your buyers are going to paint every wall a bold hue, you want the colors of the home to be mild and neutral when staging it. Bold, bright colors can be distracting. Soft white and other light neutrals are best.

Make it Move-In Ready

A buyer who’s excited about the home will quickly change his or her mind if they see numerous items that need to be dealt with before they move in. It’s best to make repairs and fix minor flaws before showing the home.

Don’t Forget Curb Appeal

There’s plenty to do inside the house, but don’t forget about the exterior, too! Increase curb appeal so that your home stand stands out from the rest. Even a gorgeous luxury home can blend in with the rest in an opulent neighborhood.

When it comes to selling luxury property, first impressions are extremely important. Properly stage the home before letting potential buyers in the front door.

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