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  • 202 N. Cañon Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
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In simply glancing at Ben Bacal’s sales since 2009, one does not understand the true gravity of Ben’s role in the current Los Angeles real estate market. Ben has paved the road with over a billion dollars in sales and catapulted to the highest echelon in Southern California real estate within his ten years of selling.

Ben is best known for his role in skyrocketing median home prices over the past five years in the Bird streets and Trousdale Estates – arguably two of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Ben was the first person ever to sell a property for $20 million in Trousdale in 2009, subsequently causing the price per square foot in the neighborhood to double from $1500 to $3000 per square foot.

Simultaneously catalyzing a similar trend in the Bird Streets, Bacal, also in 2009, was the first to push the median home price above $1700 per square foot to over $2000 per square foot. Today, Bacal continues to drive pricing with record-breaking sales; in not only Trousdale Estates and the Bird Streets, but also Beverly Hills Proper, Beverly Hills Post Office and other parts of the Hollywood Hills.