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Mansion Homes is one of the most popular luxury real estate apps in the world with over 2.5 million on-property views and another 1+ million social views each month. The majority of our users come from organic app store searches for real estate related keywords and social marketing to people with luxury goods interests.

Apple App Store placement:

  • #1 for “mansions”
  • #1 for “luxury homes”
  • #2 for “luxury real estate”
  • #7 for “homes for sale”
Android Play Store placement:
  • #1 for “luxury homes for sale”
  • #2 for “mansions for sale”
  • #2 for “luxury real estate”
  • #2 for “luxury homes”


Frequently asked questions

Do I need an agent to list my home?
No, you do not need to have an agent to list your home on Mansion Homes. We do, however, have licensed agents that are part of our Premium Broker Program that you can work with. We can also help you list it yourself.

What are the photo requirements? 
Because of the high resolution of the iPad and iPad Pro, we now need images at least 720p (1280×720).

What is the minimum listing price?
There is no minimum. Even though we publish the most expensive houses in the world, we are most interested by the quality of the listing media and the home itself. Our lowest published house was $600,000.

How much does it cost?
If you already have an agent or if you are an agent yourself, we will publish your first listing for free. However, if you want to get on the front page or in a special category, you have to upgrade.

Do you have a subscription?
Yes, we just launched a paid subscription upgrade that includes many more great features for your listing than the free option, including push notifications, email blasts and social media marketing.

If it’s free, then how does Mansion Homes make money?
We make money through subscriptions from agents, home owners and advertising. By working with home owners to sell their properties, we also have several homes in which we get paid a marketing fee if you purchase it through our app or in some cases it simply selling.

Where do you get your users at?
Our users come from organic app store searches for real estate keywords, such as “luxury homes”. We also market to users on social media that are interested in luxury goods.

What countries are your users in?
65% of our user base is in the United States, followed by Australia, UK, China and Germany. We are an internationally known brand.

Can I still get on the front page without signing up for a paid subscription?
Yes, we feature the best listings on the front page for free, but not all of them. You can choose to use the “Boost to front page” button on your listing at anytime for a one time flat fee. The price is dependent upon the demand for front page exposure.

How many people use the app?
Mansion Homes has over 2.5 million views each month on the app and website, most of that from the app. There are another 1+ million views from our social networks.