Minecraft creator, Notch’s house

1181 N. Hillcrest Rd., Beverly Hills, California 90210


Does Notch’s house have a cyber defense drone system? This is Notch’s house, the creator of Minecraft. The game, one of the most the popular video game franchises in recent years, has brought the original developer, Markus “Notch” Persson, a ton of success. Minecraft’s creator’s house is an amazing Malibu California home and apparently the $70,000,000 price tag makes it one of the most expensive houses in Beverly Hills. Notch sold his company to Microsoft for a reported $2.4 billion dollars, making the creator of Minecraft a very rich man indeed.

There’s something else about this celebrity mansion house that makes it special. Apparently Notch was in a bidding war with Beyonce and Jay-Z, who also wanted the beautiful contemporary home in Hollywood. Minecraft’s creator’s house is larger than the pictures look and has a spectacular 23,000 square feet of exquisite luxury and a multi-million dollar view. In this case, I think its a $70 million dollar view.

However, Notch’s house is crazy awesome! It has a candy bar and a 54 foot curved glass automated door that opens and closes by voice activation. There are drones that serve you cocktails and an infinity pool that goes right up next to the house. There was a rumor that you could say the words to any color any the world and the pool would change that color. Someone in the comments said they sent a drone over to get some video footage and there was a drone attack squad that shot goop on the cameras and forced the other drone down. So apparently Notch has a cyber drone defense squad to protect his house.

From the listing: “At the top of Hillcrest Road sits a property unlike any other in Beverly Hills.  At approximately 23,000 square feet, 1181 North Hillcrest is a masterwork in luxury composition and the sharpest possible detail.  This is a collection of the world’s finest elements localized in a single setting.  Every inch of this estate is outfitted with an unforgettable blend of style, comfort and quality.

Immerse yourself in a scenic wonderland of unparalleled beauty.  Step out into your backyard and experience southern California the way you’ve always imagined.  A sweeping panoramic view from downtown Los Angeles to the shores of Malibu Beach and everything in between.  The mystique of Hollywood and the glamor of Rodeo Drive at your fingertips.  A playground of endless opportunity and infinite potential beaming up at you with an irresistible allure.  Be prepared to be inspired…”

  • Minecraft creator, Notch’s address: 1181 N. Hillcrest Rd., Beverly Hills, California 90210
  • Minecraft creator, Notch’s house price: $70,000,000


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$70,000,000 (for sale status unknown)


1181 N. Hillcrest Rd., Beverly Hills, California 90210

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